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We provide NDT Inspection (non-destructive) test services with our staff certified according to ISO EN 9712 and SNT-TC-1 A and related equipment.

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> Radiographic Testing

The radiographic examination method is one of the most widely used nondestructive testing methods in the industry because it is a very sensitive examination method and the results of the examination can be recorded permanently. X-Ray Tubes and Gamma-Ray (Ir192, Se75)


> Ultrasonic Testing

It is a non-destructive test method which is based on the detection of high frequency sound waves sent to the material by reflecting from the discontinuities in the materials. It is a method for detecting defects in the material by using acoustic signals. There are different application areas. Thickness measurement is an ultrasonic examination method. 


> Thickness Control

Thickness measurement devices are widely used. Through ultrasonic testing capabilities; Thin materials, corroded surfaces, galvanized baths, plastic, metal, copper, steel, hair, aluminum surface thickness measurement allows you to distinguish. 


> Liquid Penetrant Testing

It is an inspection method used for the detection of surface defects. Defects must be exposed to the inspection surface, so any faults found under the surface or for any reason whose surface opening is closed cannot be detected by this method. 


> Magnetic Particle Testing

The Magnetic Particle method has been used in the industrial sense for nearly 100 years for surface and surface defects. Magnetic particle inspection is an inspection method used for the determination of surface and sub-surface discontinuities of ferromagnetic materials with iron, nickel, cobalt and their alloys. 


> Visual Testing

Visual inspection which is the most important step of the non-destructive examination; It is a very effective method by eliminating the causes of possible errors from time to time. We are operating with the personnel qualified for the personnel qualification stipulated by the EN9712 standard.


> Heat Treatment

Our company, which has heat treatment machines, applies heat treatment applications to improve the mechanical properties of metals, pipes and external products according to relevant standards and customer requests.
Our thermocouples are accredited by Türkak accredited institutions periodically. 


> Vacuum Test

Vacuum test: Vacuum test is a practical method that can be used to detect leaks from welds. In the vacuum test, pressure difference is created and controlled based on the inner and outer surface of the tested area. Its main applications are piping systems, pressurized tanks and storage tanks. 


> Hydrostatic Testing

Hydrostatic testing and certification of all pressure vessels


> Inspection Piping

Using Intelligent Pig method, Ultrasonic thickness measurement methods are used to provide the corrosion control and inspection services on the inner surface of the pipelines.


Our company is made up of specialists in the fields of , non-destructive evaluation, power stations, Petro chemical facilities, oil refineries, uro-ammoniac facilities, cement factories, metal construction, pipelines and offshore projects.
Our head Office is in Istanbul. Our specialised staff have made a mark on the industry through quality and reliable work
Why Serkon ?
Today’s marketplace doesn’t acknowledge boundaries set by time zones, languages, or borders. Your business can’t either.
It’s critical for businesses looking to compete and succeed in today’s constantly expanding global market to work with an organisation that has the necessary resources and drive not just to meet your expectations, but to exceed them.
At Serkon, we believe that the professional consultancy and the right solutions are always based on holistic approach; looking at client’s needs and situation as a whole. For this reason we have given high priority to competencies in understanding of our client’s business and hands-on experience in industry.
Serkon is an exciting workplace, characterized by newest-technology equipment and high technology services based on the most recent findings and field applications. This dynamic, continuously changing environment allows the utilization of their knowledge, but imposes high demands on our employees, who are among the most competent and respected. They contribute to a working environment that encourages creativity and innovation through co-operation across the organization on a high level of productivity and efficiency.
We are today a dynamic organisation with a strong project culture that spans across a broad range of technical and engineering competencies. This allows us to put together teams that can offer solutions that suit and support the business needs and objectives of our clients.
This is the world in which SERKON is taking on entirely new roles, entering into much closer and more strategic partnerships with its clients in order to convert “knowledge into value”.
Service Integration 
We never view a system or a process as an isolated entity but rather as part of a larger picture. We have therefore designing our services and expertise in such a way, that they cover the entire process and the whole asset lifecycle, from design, planning, construction and operation through to decommissioning.
Global Solutions
Our network of inspectors delivers services to industrial facilities all over the world in the same manner and integrity. Our unique human resource management system enables us to provide seamless coordination support, internationally.
Our services
According to ISO EN 9712 and SNT-TC-1A, we provide non-destructive testing services with our qualified personnel and related equipment.




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